Sudan’s military has placed Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok under house arrest after moving him to an unknown location for refusing to support a coup, according to the information ministry.

Sudan has been on edge since a failed coup plot last month unleashed bitter recriminations between military and civilian groups meant to be sharing power following the toppling of the country’s longtime leader Omar al-Bashir.

Changing precipitation patterns, rising temperatures and more extreme weather contributed to mounting food insecurity, poverty and displacement in Africa in 2020, compounding the socio-economic and health crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new multi-agency report coordinated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Africa is witnessing increased weather and climate variability, which leads to disasters and disruption of economic, ecological and social systems. By 2030, it is estimated that up to 118 million extremely poor people (i.e. living on less than US$ 1.90/day) will be exposed to drought, floods and extreme heat in Africa, if adequate response measures are not put in place. This will place additional burdens on poverty alleviation efforts and significantly hamper growth in prosperity, » said H.E. Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture African Union Commission.

While countries debate annual refugee caps, or if they should be repealed and whether to welcome Haitian and Afghan refugees, each day migrants experience the trauma of instability. This additional trauma — often ignored because of other acute, pressing issues — has lasting physical and psychological health effects that we document in our refugee and migrant patients for decades.

As a result of the instability and vicarious trauma, immigrants of all legal statuses experience weathering, a term used in medicine to describe the physiological wear and tear of stress that can result in advanced aging, elevated blood pressure and heart attacks. Like the shock experiments with rats, uncertainty and instability can be as harmful as the outcomes themselves.

Two former German soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of trying to form a terrorist mercenary force to fight in Yemen’s civil war, prosecutors say.

They allegedly planned to recruit up to 150 men for a private army made up of former police officers and soldiers.

Yemen has been racked by a civil war between the Saudi Arabia-backed internationally recognised government and the armed Houthi movement since 2014.

.More than 10,000 children in Yemen have been killed or injured in violence linked to years of war in the impoverished country, a spokesman for UNICEF said.

The U.N. has long considered Yemen — where war resumed in late 2014 after rebels took over the capital, Sanaa — as home to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Aside from the violence, many Yemenis are starving not because of a lack of food but from a lack of money to buy it.

Ethiopian military airstrikes hit the capital of the country’s Tigray region and killed at least three people.

The airstrikes came days after a new military offensive was launched against the Tigray forces who have been fighting Ethiopian and allied forces for nearly a year.

The Tigray region, along with the current areas of fighting in the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions, are under a communications blackout, making it challenging to verify information.

Iraq’s agriculture ministry said on Sunday it would reduce its 2021–2022 winter crop planting area by 50% due to a water shortage.

Iraq was in a good position regarding water due to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers until 1970. After that year, however, the country lost about 40% of its water. This was partly due to policies in neighboring countries (especially Turkey) toward Iraq.

The lack of rain and other external factors, including terrorism, affect not only Iraqi rivers but also drinking water.

Announced in August, the planned features include client-side (i.e. on-device) scanning of users’ iCloud Photos libraries for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), Communication Safety to warn children and their parents when receiving or sending sexually explicit photos, and expanded CSAM guidance in Siri and Search.

Apple has faced significant criticism from privacy advocates, security researchers, cryptography experts, academics, politicians, and even employees within the company for its decision to deploy the technology in a future update to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

Apple initially endeavored to dispel misunderstandings and reassure users by releasing detailed information, sharing FAQs, various new documents, interviews with company executives, and more in order to allay concerns.

Poland’s influential Catholic Church appealed Monday for humanitarian assistance for migrants from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere who have been seeking to reach Europe by crossing from Belarus into Poland.

Poland’s influential Catholic Church appealed Monday for humanitarian assistance for migrants from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere who have been seeking to reach Europe by crossing from Belarus into Poland.

Top government officials have portrayed some of the migrants as dangerous criminals, terrorists or people with sexual perversions. Meanwhile, those Poles who criticize the government’s approach have been accused of siding with Lukashenko against their own nation.

A recent fatwa issued by a senior Egyptian Islamic scholar that permits limited instances of hymen repair may have opened the door for other women-related social issues, long considered a taboo in Egypt.

The fatwa is not new to Egyptians. In 2007, former Mufti Sheikh Ali Gomaa issued a similar edict that allowed the practice in almost all cases, arguing that “since God concealed a woman’s sin, she should not scandalise herself.”

Hymen reconstruction is commonly practised in Egypt in secret at private clinics and medical centres. Yet, surprisingly, some of these facilities promote their activities on social media. Ultimately, there is no clear law criminalising the practice.


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