The House Human Rights Committee on Monday began debate on Euthanasia becoming legal for terminally-ill patients in Cyprus.

The controversial issue touches on human rights, religion, and key legal issues that need to be resolved at some point, she also said.

The discussion will continue with the participation of patient associations and non-governmental organizations as well.

Euthanasia — a hard subject from both a legal and an emotional viewpoint — is forbidden by law in Cyprus.

Recruitment and use of at least 121 children, including at least one girl, by Ansar Allah group (Houthis) is happening in Yemen.

This continued militarization of children has dangerous consequences for future generations of Yemen.

End this war against children by designating Houthis as Terrorist!

Lebanon’s financial collapse, which has pushed large segments of the population into poverty, has also seen growing anger against the powerful Hezbollah, with more voices openly blaming it for the ongoing crisis and for its allegiance to Iran.

Hezbollah is part of this political class which led the country to its collapsing point.

Hezbollah, which has been armed and financed by Tehran since it was founded by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, emerged as a powerful force over the years.

Hezbollah officials justify their groups’ reluctance to help fight corruption in the country by saying they fear a fallout with their allies, who are accused and blamed for the widespread corruption.

Egypt’s president on Tuesday raised the monthly minimum wage to about $172, a move designed to ease the burden of Egyptians who have been victims of painful austerity measures in recent years.

The statement did not specify when the increases would be implemented, but they are expected by the start of the new fiscal year in July, The austerity measures were part of an ambitious economic reform program designed to revive Egypt’s economy, battered by years of political unrest and violence after the 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak.

With the ranks of scavengers growing among the desperately poor, some tag trash cans with graffiti to mark their territory and beat those who encroach on it. Meanwhile, even better-off families sell their own recyclables because it can get them U.S. dollars rather than the country’s collapsing currency.

That’s left the poor even poorer and fearful for their futures.

Trash had been a problem even before the crisis, with major protests in past years against neglect by authorities who sometimes allowed garbage to pile up in the streets.

Now, teenagers carrying giant plastic bags roam the streets looking through dumpsters for scraps they can sell.

That access to dollars makes scavenging even more dangerous now. People couldn’t afford to eat and they started scavenging, and each started to have their own bin.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said funding for Iran could lead to “terror on steroids” on Tuesday, in an apparent warning against world powers easing sanctions against Tehran as they seek a new nuclear deal as it warns world powers against easing sanctions against Tehran as they seek a new nuclear deal

An investigation by the human rights group Front Line Defenders (FLD) and the digital rights non-profit group Access Now found that the mobile phones of Ebtisam al-Saegh, a Bahraini human rights defender, and Hala Ahed Deeb, who works with human rights and feminist groups in Jordan, had been hacked using NSO’s Pegasus spyware.

Both women said the discoveries, which were confirmed by security researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, felt like life-changing violations of their privacy, underscoring how such attacks against women were “particularly grievous” given how sensitive information could be weaponised against them.

Israel’s three major airlines will receive $100 million from the government to deal with the Omicron crisis, the country’s Finance and Transport Ministries said in a joint statement.

The government will also fund in advance for 20 years excess fuel and maintenance expenses related to the air defense systems installed on the planes, at a total of $15 million for all three airlines.

UN human rights experts have expressed dismay at a decision by Iran’s judiciary to press forward with the execution of a juvenile offender, despite repeated calls to halt the killing.

Hossein Shahbazi was 17 years old when he was arrested for the fatal stabbing of a classmate during a brawl.

According to the experts, another juvenile offender was executed in November.

More than 85 people who committed crimes while children are currently on death row in Iran.


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